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PS960BM with 10.2 inch display PORCHESON computer controller

product description

PORCHESON computer controller PS960BM with 10.2 inch display for plastic injection moulding machine

PS960AM           MS500   with 7 inch / 8 inch /10.2inch

PS960BM           MS700   with 7 inch / 8 inch /10.2inch

main function:

Programmable   Logic Controller/ PLC System (PS960AM) 
●    6 layer password setting to inhance security of data storage 
●    4 channels of 16 bit A/D linear scale input 
●    4 channels of 12/16 bit A/D pressure feedback detection input(current   tyep: 4-20mA) 
●    Multi-language selected.display dynamically in real time.999 groups  of SPC tracking record 
●    PID Self-learn temperature control, 12 sections of temperature(K. J.   E. PT100) 
●    With 999 groups of mold data storage, Chinese/English input mold   description, real time opertion help 
●    Multi-injection mode, 10 segments of injection, 5 levels of pressure   holding selected 
●    With functions of failure self-dectection, alarm display and voice   prompt 
●  4 channels of 16 bit   D/A proportion output, with detection for output feedback 
●    DC24V I/O 48/48 points 
●    With functions of long-distance communications whcih enable us to to program and replace different versions of softwares