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PORCHESON MS700 MS210A plastic injection molding machine

product description

PORCHESON MS700 MS210A control system(7''TFT display panel) PLC for plastic injection molding machine.


PS860AM stopped.now upgrade MS700

PS660AM stopped,now upgrade MS500

main   function:
1. Up to 6   layer of password setting to enhance data storage safety
2.   Multi-stroke control , position switch/3-path 16bit A/D electronic ruler   input
3. 3 path   with 16 bit A/D pressure feedback inspect input, current 4-20 mA
4.   Multi-language selected, display dynamically in real time with 999 group SPC   track record
5. PID   (Proportion Integration Differentiation) self-learning temperature control,   7sections of temperature
6. Injection   mouth temperature controlled by open-loop & closed loop
7. 999 groups   mould data storage, mold description input can adopt Chinese/English with   real-time operational help
8. Real time   dynamically observation on output values of pressure, speed and current, no   need extra ammeters
9. Multi   security programs protected and internal security circuit controlled
10. Failure   of self-detection, alarm display and voice prompt function
11. 3 path   standard 16bit D/A ratio output with max current 3000 mA
12. 2 path   standard ratio output 0 ~ 10V D/A
13. DC24V   input 27 point /output 28 point, relay output 10 point
14. With   long-distance communication functions which enable to programmed and replace   different software versions
15. 512 working machines can be managed by one host computer   which can count each computer's production status accurately and convenient   to manage (optional)
16. Could   configure various universal keyboards or touch screen:7.0, 8.0, 10.2 inch   TFT(optional)

Operate   environment:
Operate   temperature: -10°C ~50°C
Storage   temperature: -20°C~60°C
Relative   humidity: 10%~95% (non condensation state)