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How to transform traditional industries

Apr. 23, 2021

   1. Increase research and development and improve independent innovation capabilities. Innovation ability is a key factor restricting the improvement of manufacturing level. Enterprises continue to increase R&D investment in the process of implementing independent innovation is the first element. Attach importance to employee technological innovation, appropriately establish and improve an incentive system for innovation and reform technology, and strengthen employee technological innovation and training is the key.

   2. To create quality with "wisdom". Only through the intelligent upgrade of manufacturing technology, factory automation transformation, intelligent precision manufacturing and informatized quality management can we bring consumers higher quality products.

   3. Establish brand awareness. Brand means high quality, high reputation, high efficiency and low cost. Behind the brand is a successful company that is always invincible in market competition. In the manufacturing industry, business owners should have more of their own intellectual property rights, and build their enterprises into innovative, efficient, quality, and scientifically developed enterprises in order to be recognized by the market by consumers.

   4. break the traditional marketing and business model and take the initiative to attack the Internet + market. The traditional marketing model has long been outdated, and companies that have made one million orders a month may become unpopular under the impact of the Internet wave.