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Low cost DELTA INVERTER VFD185CP43B-21 CP2000 Series 18.5KW for fan water pump

product description



1.LCD keypad - An easy-to-use text panel with TP Editor software allows users to self-defne the main page screen.

2.Quick setting functions to support self-defned parameter groups and parameter duplication for fast and easy installation.

3.Flexible extension and easy maintenance.  

4.High-speed communications include BACnet and MODBUS.Optional communication cards are available upon purchase: PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, MODBUS TCP, EtherNet/IP and CANopen.

5.Extended life cycle.

6.Enhanced conformal coating on PCBs for superior durability in critical environments.

7.Fire mode and bypass functions: continuous pressure to extract smoke when emergencies occur.

8.Multi-pumps synchronous control of up to 8 motors at one time and provides fxed amount and fxed time circulation control.

9.Built-in 10K steps PLC programming capacity and Real Time Clock (RTC).

10.Long life design and life monitoring of important parts.

11.Best thermal design, can be operated at 50 ℃ week temperature environment, automatically adjust the output rating, to maintain the inverter high-performance work.

12.Various mode for fans and pumps.The applications including PID control,sleep/wake up functions,skip frequency and flying start.


Textile machines, extruders, packaging, drawing machines and other industrial machinery and fan pumps, central air conditioning, boilers, water treatment and other projects in the field.

Low cost variable frequency drive CP2000 series 3 phase 460v 18.5kw VFD185CP43B-21 motor driveVFD CP2000 Series  230V  3  Phase

VFD007CP23A -21      0.75kW(1.0HP)         VFD015CP23A-21       1.5kW(2.0HP)

VFD022CP23A -21      2.2kW(3.0HP)           VFD037CP23A -21       3.7kW(5.0HP)

VFD055CP23A -21      5.5kW(7.5HP)           VFD075CP23A -21       7.5kW(10HP)

VFD110CP23A -21      11kW(15HP)             VFD150CP23A -21       15kW(20HP)

VFD185CP23A -21      18.5kW(25HP)          VFD220CP23A -21        22kW(30HP)

VFD300CP23A -21      30kW(40HP)             VFD370CP23A -00       37kW(50HP)

VFD450CP23A -00      45kW(60HP)             VFD550CP23A -00       55kW(75HP)

VFD750CP23A -00      75kW(100HP)           VFD900CP23A -00      90kW(120HP)


VFD CP2000 Series  460V   3  Phase

VFD007CP43A  -21       0.75kW(1.0HP)       VFD007CP4EA-21        0.75kW(1.0HP)  

VFD015CP43B  -21       1.5kW(2.0HP)         VFD015CP4EB-21        1.5kW(2.0HP)

VFD022CP43B  -21       2.2kW(3.0HP)        VFD022CP4EB-21         2.2kW(3.0HP)

VFD037CP43B  -21       3.7kW(5.0HP)        VFD037CP4EB-21         3.7kW(5.0HP)

VFD040CP43A  -21       4kW(5.5HP)           VFD037CP4EA-21         3.7kW(5.0HP)

VFD055CP43B  -21       5.5kW(7.5HP)        VFD055CP4EB-21         5.5kW(7.5HP)

VFD075CP43B  -21       7.5kW(10HP)         VFD075CP4EB-21         7.5kW(10HP)

VFD110CP43B  -21       11kW(15HP)           VFD110CP4EB-21        11kW(15HP)

VFD150CP43B  -21       15kW(20HP)          VFD150CP4EB-21        15kW(20HP)

VFD185CP43B  -21       18.5kW(25HP)       VFD185CP4EB-21        18.5kW(25HP)

VFD220CP43A  -21       22kW(30HP)          VFD220CP4EB-21         22kW(30HP)

VFD300CP43B  -21       30kW(40HP)          VFD300CP4EB-21         30kW(40HP)

VFD370CP43B -21       37kW(50HP)           VFD370CP4EB-21         37kW(50HP)

VFD450CP43S -21       45kW(60HP)      

VFD550CP43S  -21       55kW(75HP)   

VFD1100CP43A  -21     110kW(150HP)  

VFD1320CP43B  -21     130kW(175HP)     

VFD1600CP43A  -21     160kW(215HP)    

VFD1850CP43B  -21     185kW(250HP)   

VFD2200CP43A  -21     220kW(300HP)     

VFD2800CP43A  -21     280kW(375HP)